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In 2018, our group will once again participate in the campaign "donations instead of gifts". Instead of sending Christmas presents, we've donated to the following social institutions and projects:

Chriwa Group organizes on 06. and 07.11.2018 a big stem cell typing in its company offices. Motivation is the disease of a 6 years old boy, living in the near of our company headquarter location. The NKR (north German bone marrow and stem cell register) is searching the “genetic twin” for healing his so-called ALD (Adrenoleukodsystrophie) disease. Of course, Chriwa helps!!

Our running group "Crocodiles" took part in the 26. Aegidius Run in Hanover on the 26th of May, 2018. So they are again committed to a good cause.

The money collected will go exclusively to the “Aegidius-Haus AUF DER BULT”, a facility for children and adolescents with severe disabilities.

Here you can learn more:

The "Crocodiles" were sponsored by the Transhanseatic Int. Sped GmbH. Thanks a lot for this.

Our running group "Crocodiles" took part in a charity run in freezing weather in Hannover/Germany and donated to the  „Verein für krebskranke Kinder e.V.“ (Association for children with cancer).

n 2017 our group of companies decided again to support the campaign "donations instead of gifts", because we do not want to forget those people who are going through a difficult time.