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Jointly achieving a successful operation

A substainable step to the successful installation of a waste water treatment plant is the training of personnel who will be operating the plant in the future. Depending on the type and complexity of the plant, the period and content of training will be tailored to fit the demands of the new plant.

Top priority is practical training on the plant. Here the plant operator will be brought closer - step by step - to the plant until he is able to understand the processes and run it without assistance. A briefing in safety measures is also included, for example in handling of chemicals and waste water in general. Operation of plant when using the central control is another essential part. Maintenance training for machine components is also part of the training. The learning progress can be controlled and documented by means of tests.

The focal points of training are thus summarized:

  • Theoretical basis training in waste water techniques and process relevant basic
  • Explanation of plant processes
  • Operation and control of the process
  • Laboratory training
  • Safety training