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Cuss - Chriwa Umwelt-Systemtechnik und Service GmbH - Engineering

We provide custom-tailored concepts!

Our clients are specialists in their own product range world-wide which ask for a special process and engineering design for a custom-tailored for their waste water treatment plant. Mostly, local regulations and environmental company guidelines require a high grade of waste water treatment (to the so-called “Fish Pond Quality”). In order to safeguard the client's magisterial production permission, the final link in the chain, the waste water treatment, must ensure optimum performance and safety compliance. Ranging from simple plants to complex turnkey projects, our engineering department develops holistic, sustainable and customized solutions in order to treat waste water for example from the softdrink-production, brewing process, food production or other industrial plants.

On-site surveys and kickoff meetings: The succesful start of a project!

In order to provide a well engineered solution , CUSS works with a combination of "tailor made" units and proven components/technology "Made in Germany". It can be beneficial to meet the customer on site and jointly clarify the relevant project parameters and milestones.

Particular topics are:

  • Survey of the production facility and the possible building site for a new plant
  • Consideration and advice in respect to the waste water transport system
  • Assistance in determining the quantity and quality of waste water
  • Identification of the customer-specific needs and priorities
  • Discussion and clarification of local or in-house effluent guidelines
  • Consulting on the civil works design
  • Consulting on operating and logistics optimization

The site visits are conducted by experienced project engineers. For an existing waste water treatment plant to be extended, CUSS provides an assessment of components which can still be used and those that need to be replaced. Focused on there key aspects the results in a basis for launching of a project andd leading it to a successful implementation.