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We provide optimally matched systems

CUSS does not design and supply standard- or series waste water treatment plants, but only "tailor-made" systems, i.e. optimally suited plants turned to specific tasks. Consequently a needs assessment is carried out, usually on site, jointly with the customer to specify.

  • What quantity of waste water
  • in which quality
  • at which point
  • at which temperature
  • and at what time

is to be treated. In addition, the entire environment from waste water inflow (average, peak load) up to the required or desired discharge values is assessed and incorporated into the overall planning of the proposed treatment. This will ensure that the waste water treatment plant is neither unnecessarily oversized, nor also not undersized. This will ensure that the necessary cleaning capacity can be guaranteed at all times.

The waste water analysis of a renowned/certified laboratory should be provided by the customer. If such analysis is not available, CUSS can perform its own analysis partly on site or in-house laboratory, or provide special analysis by independent certified laboratories.

Especially important is the quality and quantity accruing of waste water over a longer period of time - at least 1 year - to thoroughly analyze the demand and as basis for the system design.