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Anaerobic wastewater treatment



Energy efficiency and biogas production with challenging waste

Anaerobic wastewater treatment has become increasingly important in recent years. CUSS has also realised projects successfully in this field and made a name for itself on the market with its sophisticated concepts and customer-friendly project process. Especially in industrial sectors with heavily soiled wastewater, anaerobic treatment offers an excellent solution with particular benefits.
Biogas produced by the fermentation of organic materials represents a considerable energy potential for the generation of electricity and heat. From an environmental and resource-saving perspective, tapping this potential is of considerable importance.

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The release of unburned biogas into the atmosphere is prevented, which in turn protects the environment. Theuse of biogas replaces fossil fuels and operating costs are reduced significantly. The use of

combined heat and power plants (CHP) in combination with wastewater treatment plants is a core component of our product portfolio and will become even more important in the future. In cooperation with the customer, we develop a tailored treatment concept embodying our extensive expertise and experience.



Benefits for the customer

    • Significant reduction of energycosts when operating wastewater treatment plant
    • Quicker amortisation time thanks to use of secondary energy sources
    • The anaerobic sludge produced can be sold as fertiliser or seeding sludge for other plants
    • Methane emissions are minimised, which contributes to environmental protection
    • The anaerobic cleaning reduces water pollution, air pollution and unpleasant odours while minimising pathogenic germs
    • The substitution of fossil fuels reduces CO 2 emissions